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Laser Treatments

Exceptional, customized laser treatments available using laser technology from Cutera®.

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal Before and After
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  • Cutera® Laser System is the most outstanding laser hair removal treatment on the market.
  • For men and women of all skin types and tones.
  • Can be done year-round, even on tanned skin.
  • Effective on dark hair.
  • Usually requires 6 treatments per area.
  • Treatments spaced 6 weeks apart.
  • Most common areas: lip, chin, sideburns, underarms, bikini, legs, and back.
  • Topical numbing cream can be applied before treatment.
  • See for more information.

Laser Genesis

  • Innovative, advanced laser skin therapy that promotes vibrant, healthy skin.
  • Treats conditions typically associated with premature signs of aging and sun damage such as facial redness (rosacea), large pores, uneven texture and fine-line wrinkles.
  • Scientifically proven to produce new collagen.
  • No pain. No downtime.
  • Four to six treatments, spaced one month apart, are recommended to achieve optimal results.
  • See for more information.

Laser Hair Removal Before and After
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Laser Hair Removal Before and After
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Limelight Facial / Intense Pulse Light

Limelight Before and After
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  • Non-invasive laser treatment customized to your skin type and designed to selectively treat the brown and/or red pigmented areas on your skin.
  • Treatment areas include: face, neck, decollette, chest, shoulders and hands.
  • One to three treatments are usually required.
  • After the treatment of brown spots, they will darken then flake off within one to three weeks. After treatment of redness, it will decrease.
  • Excellent treatment for management of Rosacea.
  • See for more information.


  • Laser enhancement of skin tone achieved by uniform heating of the dermis deep beneath the skin's surface.
  • Common treatment areas: mid-face, jowls, neck and abdomen.
  • Optimal results seen after three Titan treatments. Each treatment spaced one month apart.
  • Important treatment in 3-D laser rejuvenation regimen.
  • No pain. No downtime.
  • See for more information.

Vein Therapy for Face & Body

Limelight Before and After
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  • Treats tiny superficial face and leg veins and deeper blue leg veins on men and women of all skin types.
  • Usually one or two treatments are sufficient, but the number of treatments required depends on number, color and size of the vessels being treated.
  • Treated veins usually show improvement within two to six weeks after treatment.
  • See for more information.

Laser Treatment of Nail Fungus : Genesis Plus

Limelight Before and After
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  • FDA approved treatment for Onychomycosis.
  • Laser energy applied to the nail bed pass through the nail to kill the fungus underneath. The nail and surrounding tissue are not damaged.
  • Procedure takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes and is not painful.
  • Most patients only need one treatment, but more severe cases of toenail fungus may require a second treatment.
  • After the treatment, the results are seen as the nail grows out. The new nail growth should be clear.
  • See for more details.
  • Download FAQ pdf on this Genesis Plus treatment.
  • Cutera's Genesis Plus on Good Morning America video.


Limelight Before and After
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  • FDA approved laser skin resurfacing treatment.
  • Physician administered treatment.
  • Treats fine lines, uneven skin texture and dark spots caused by sun damage.
  • Common treatment areas: face, neck and hands.
  • Excellent results after one treatment.
  • Entire top sun damaged layer of skin is removed and replaced by healthy new skin. The treatment also sends heat into the deep layers of skin stimulating new collagen for up to 6 weeks post treatment.
  • Treatment takes 15 minutes (after 45 minutes of topical numbing). Three days of "social downtime" following treatment. Back in makeup on day 4.
  • See for more details.

Pearl Fractional

Limelight Before and After
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  • Safe but intense fractional laser treatment that selectively removes columns of photodamaged skin. The natural healing process creates new collagen and plumps skin from below.
  • Dramatic results after one treatment and approximately one week of recovery.
  • Ideal candidate is light to medium skin toned.
  • Can be used on entire face or on smaller, difficult to treat areas around the eye (periorbital) or mouth (perioral).
  • See for more details.

Neck Rejuvenation

Changes to the neck caused by photodamage reveals our age very quickly. We combine three treatments to help exfoliate, treat sun damage and tighten skin tone of the neck.

  • Microdermabrasion
  • Limelight Treatment
  • Titan Laser Treatment

3-D Skin Rejuvenation


Three-tiered approach to rejuvenating your skin

Step 1
Limelight (also known as Photo Genesis) - treats problems right at the skin's surface.
(ex. redness, mottled complexion, freckles and sun damage)

Step 2
Laser Genesis
- treats problems in deep epidermis.
(ex. fine lines, enlarged pores and redness)

Step 3
- treats deep dermis where collagen forms.

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